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Be sure to add aria-expanded to the control element. This attribute explicitly conveys the current state of the collapsible element tied to the control to screen readers and similar assistive technologies. If the collapsible element is closed by default, the attribute on the control element should have a value of aria-expanded="false". If you’ve set the collapsible element to be open by default using the show class, set aria-expanded="true" on the control instead. The plugin will automatically toggle this attribute on the control based on whether or not the collapsible element has been opened or closed (via JavaScript, or because the user triggered another control element also tied to the same collapsible element). If the control element’s HTML element is not a button (e.g., an  or 

), the attribute role="button" should be added to the element.



If your control element is targeting a single collapsible element – i.e. the data-target attribute is pointing to an id selector – you should add the aria-controls attribute to the control element, containing the id of the collapsible element. Modern screen readers and similar assistive technologies make use of this attribute to provide users with additional shortcuts to navigate directly to the collapsible element itself.


Note that Bootstrap’s current implementation does not cover the various keyboard interactions described in the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1 accordion pattern - you will need to include these yourself with custom JavaScript.

The collapse plugin utilizes a few classes to handle the heavy lifting:

  • .collapse hides the content
  • shows the content
  • .collapsing is added when the transition starts, and removed when it finishes

These classes can be found in _transitions.scss.

Just add data-toggle="collapse" and a data-target to the element to automatically assign control of one or more collapsible elements. The data-target attribute accepts a CSS selector to apply the collapse to. Be sure to add the class collapse to the collapsible element. If you’d like it to default open, add the additional class show.

To add accordion-like group management to a collapsible area, add the data attribute data-parent="#selector". Refer to the demo to see this in action.